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Achieve rapid time to value with Inoapps Evolve and Oracle Cloud Applications

Often the biggest challenges present the greatest opportunities for modernization & growth

Shrink complexity

Shrink complexity with a defined scope using a proven accelerated delivery approach and evolve from a solid foundation

Standardize & simplify

Simplify processes with modern best practice and harness change management methods to get everyone on the journey

Continuous innovation

Adopt a platform that facilitates continuous innovation, grows as you grow and is flexible to your changing business and industry needs

A proven accelerated implementation approach

With Inoapps Evolve, we establish, implement and enable Oracle Modern Best Practice capabilities that deliver your most important business benefits first to give you a solid foundation for growth. We focus on process standardization to give you a fast and cost effective way to boost efficiency and productivity. And if you need help with getting your teams up and running, we’re here to support you on your change journey. Here’s what Inoapps Evolve looks like:
  • 01


    Prepare for the project. Form the team and set the scene with the right governance, communication and messaging.
  • 02


    Introduce the Oracle Modern Best Practices and processes to be deployed. Gather key information and decisions for later testing and validation.
  • 03


    Deploy the functionality and complete user acceptance and integrations testing to ensure everything is working as expected before migrating your data.
  • 04


    Get everyone using the solution and cutover to live with final data. Use change management and enablement methods to maximize adoption success.
  • 05


    You’ve now laid foundations for ongoing modernization. We will work with you to support, evolve and enhance your solution in the ways most relevant to your business.

Here are some of the customers we have helped with their modernization and transformation journeys.

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